Speakers 2021

Lizetta Mihăilă


Lizetta Mihăilă is a senior clinical psychologist, a psychologist specialized in educational psychology and vocational counseling, an itinerant teacher, a speech therapist, a trainer and an author of specialized articles (psychology and speech therapy), published on the following websites: www.itsybitsy.ro, www.radioromaniajunior.ro, www.copilul.ro. She is the co-author of the books: "I discover what I know, [...]

Lizetta Mihăilă2021-10-12T10:49:56+00:00

Lavinia Daringa


Lavinia Daringa. Abstract of the conference presentation Organizing the child's file - technical norm in behavioral intervention Behavioral intervention in children with autism spectrum disorder involves the combined efforts of a team of several specialists and family, and organizing a file with personalized data is a basic condition for effective communication [...]

Lavinia Daringa2021-10-07T13:38:56+00:00

Diana Alexandrescu


Diana Alexandrescu is a Clinical Psychologist, and Coordinator within CCR DAAL Autism Project. She was a lecturer at the ABA International Conference in 2019, and she organized workshops for therapists between 2019-2020. She has 14 years of experience in the field of education. Abstract of the conference presentation Toilet training: basic [...]

Diana Alexandrescu2021-10-07T12:11:09+00:00

Ana Hodea


Ana Hodea is M.ED and BCaBA certified, and specialized in the development, stimulation and correction of verbal and non-verbal language in the therapy and recovery of children with autism. She was a lecturer at the ABA International Conference in 2015, 2016, 2017,2018. 2019, and also at the IACB Conference in 2017 and at the [...]

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Andrei Mircea Stan


Andrei Stan is 19 years old, and a 12th grade student at a college in Bucharest, a former beneficiary and currently a basic volunteer at the Puzzle Romania Association. He and his twin brother, Ovidiu, were diagnosed with autism at the age of 1 year and 10 months. Today, Andrei is able to share [...]

Andrei Mircea Stan2021-10-07T12:12:03+00:00

Andreea Cosmaciuc


Andreea Cosmaciuc is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist and ABA consultant, with 11 years of experience in the therapy of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. She promotes the applied analysis of behavior by treating each child in his individual way of exteriorization, and considers that the work of a psychologist is done with the heart, [...]

Andreea Cosmaciuc2021-10-07T12:12:35+00:00

Lili Covaci


Lili Covaci is a Freelance Psychologist, and a PECS Consultant and Pyramid Approach to Education. She completed her ABA master's degree at the Florida Institute of Technologies. She has over 20 years of experience working with adults and children with autism, rare genetic syndromes and various developmental disabilities in residential centers, day centers and [...]

Lili Covaci2021-10-13T11:29:05+00:00

Ana Bogdan


Ana Bogdan is an ABA consultant, clinical psychologist, and speech therapist. She studied Psychology and Special Psychopedagogy at the University of Bucharest, and completed a master degree in Speech Therapy, and a master degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counseling at Hyperion University, Bucharest. She also completed a master degree in Clinical Psychology and [...]

Ana Bogdan2021-10-07T12:13:10+00:00

Valentina Puicea


Valentina Puicea is a BCBA accredited behavioral analyst and a clinical psychologist with 11 years of experience in the intervention and recovery of children diagnosed with developmental disorders. During all this time, she coordinated the activity of several centers, participated as a lecturer in conferences and in numerous training courses. It is currently operating [...]

Valentina Puicea2021-10-07T12:13:34+00:00

Camelia Frangulea


Camelia Frangulea has been working in the field of applied behavior analysis since 2014 and holds an international certificate as a BCBA behavioral analyst, since 2018. She is the Manager of the Rainbow Center in Pitești, being involved in coordinating programs within the center, recruiting and training the team of therapists, as well as [...]

Camelia Frangulea2021-10-07T12:13:58+00:00
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