Lizetta Mihăilă is a senior clinical psychologist, a psychologist specialized in educational psychology and vocational counseling, an itinerant teacher, a speech therapist, a trainer and an author of specialized articles (psychology and speech therapy), published on the following websites:,,

She is the co-author of the books: “I discover what I know, what I feel, what I can, what I want” (originally, in Romanian), published by Delfin Publishing House; the author of the book “Vitamins for parents and grandparents”, and “Development of oral language in children with intellectual difficulties”; she is an author of psychology articles published in the following magazines: “Ioana visul copiilor”, “Femeia”, “Logos” (speech therapy magazine), “Superbebe”, “Atelier didactic”.

She holds personal development workshops for children with special educational needs and for parents, workshops and webinars on topics related to the therapy of language disorders and parenting, provides psycho-pedagogical assistance to children integrated in mainstream education, and she is a speech therapist specialist on the TIMLOGO e-learning platform.

Abstract of the conference presentation

Integration of children with special educational needs in mainstream education


The presentation will address the following topics:

  • the multidisciplinary team of the child with special educational needs
  • the role of the inclusive school / kindergarten
  • ways of working with the child with special educational needs
  • legislation and inclusive measures for the integration of the child with special educational needs