Reaching its 6th edition, the ABA International Conference is the main event dedicated to research and theory in Applied Behavior Analysis in Romania. During these 3 days of conferences and workshops, the event will be attended by over 500 physicians, specialists in ABA therapy, professors and parents.


Each year, ABA International Conference gathers more and more international specialists in Applied Behavior Analysis. This year, ten international lectors from Great Britain, USA, Norway, and Spain will present the newest theories and practices from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, and the two Romanian Associations of Physicians – Romanian Association for Pediatrics and The National Association of Family Medicine – will become partners of the event. A special book launch takes place during the second day of the Conference: with the attendance of American authors, it will be presented the Romanian version of the book “Sign Here”, inspired by ABA therapy. The event is accredited at the international level by Behavior Analyst Certification Board and at the national level by the Romanian College of Psychologists and College of Physicians.


The national event will become ABA International Conference (Bucharest International Conference), ATCA being accredited as ACE Provider by Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Seven lectors from UK, SUA, Norway will come in Romania in order to share their experience with the Romanian specialists, and the conference will confirm its status of event of reference in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. At the national level, the event is accredited and the attendees will receive credits from the Romanian College of Psychologists and College of Physicians.


ABA National Conference 2014 was a key moment in establishing the status of Romanian autistic children. Attending the opening day, Raluca Nica from the National Center of Mental Health, Dr. Iuliana Dobrescu and Dr. Daniel David spoke for the first time about the basic set of health services and the compulsory necessity of screening within the field of Pediatrics. Jonathan Fernand and Robert Schramm presented for the Romanian specialists the newest practices from USA and Germany. The conference was also guaranteed by the Romanian College of Physicians and College of Psychologists.


At its second edition, along with the first ever attendance of some internationally recognized lectors, ABA accredited, such as Marguerite Hoerger, BCBA-D and Dr. Louise McHugh, but also with the accreditation of the Romanian College of Psychologists, the conference enlarges its scientific fundament and addressability, becoming an event aiming not only towards parents, but also to the specialists from the ASD field.


The idea of organizing a conference dedicated to autism recovery therapies, in Romania, was born by the wish of the two associations to build a bridge between the parents of children diagnosed with autism and the factors involved in the recovery process, as physicians, psychologists, during a time when the information concerning the autism spectrum disorder was limited. Thus, ABA National Conference was created as an event for parents and, since its first edition, it have had a record participation, with over 800 persons from the entire country.