Diana Alexandrescu is a Clinical Psychologist, and Coordinator within CCR DAAL Autism Project. She was a lecturer at the ABA International Conference in 2019, and she organized workshops for therapists between 2019-2020. She has 14 years of experience in the field of education.

Abstract of the conference presentation

Toilet training: basic principles, analysis of particularities and creation of a personalized protocol

Starting from the basic protocols, the Fast Method (Azrin-Foxx) and Errorless Training (Taylor, Cipani & Clardy), we followed in 5 case studies the efficiency of the personalization of the protocol implementation based on data prior to the training, to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Each case study includes the data collected before the start of the training, the method of their analysis, the essential preacquirements, the teaching protocol and the progress till the training completion.

The major differences between the 5 implementation modalities are relevant to illustrate the analysis process and the way of personalization, emphasizing the individual needs of each case.

Our presentation will expose each component and will summarize the necessary steps starting with the chosen moment for the beginning the training, until its conclusion, together with the obtained results, finally proposing a case analysis protocol.