This year we will continue the online format, in order to be together again, at the 11th edition of the ABA Bucharest International Conference. Here you can present alongside international speakers who offer information and case studies that are valuable for the field of applied behavior analysis.

We decided to continue with the conference in digital form in order to ensure diversified participation, both in regard to speakers and to the audience. The persisting restrictions and health safety measures are determining all of us to become more creative when it comes to sharing knowledge and educational resources. The success of last year has proven that we can organize an exclusively online event where participants will be able to interact with the speakers, in a dynamic and constant manner.

The papers can be sent at, until July, 15th 2022.

If you are BCBA BcaBA certified, or if you have finalized a specialization course in applied behavior analysis, we encourage you to submit a paper to us.

You can opt for:

Theoretical presentation: studies which present results of a research or case studies. The length of this type of presentation will be 30 minutes.

Workshop: concrete demonstration of learning activities. The length of this type of presentation will be 45 minutes.

If you are a psychologist and have work experience in dealing with children with ASD, you can send us a paper based on practical demonstrations and you will be able to host an online workshop in the second day of the conference.

If you are a physician, we certainly need your expertise in order to also have a topic connected to the development of the brain in the case of children with ASD.