Lavinia Daringa.

Abstract of the conference presentation

Organizing the child’s file – technical norm in behavioral intervention

Behavioral intervention in children with autism spectrum disorder involves the combined efforts of a team of several specialists and family, and organizing a file with personalized data is a basic condition for effective communication between team members and also for measuring the child’s progress.

The presentation will address the following issues:

  1. The importance of making a file with well-structured ABA programs.
  2. Components of a custom file with ABA programs:
  • Skill grid
  • General objectives
  • Personalized intervention plan
  • Frequency of inappropriate behaviors
  • Evaluation of preferences
  • The child’s daily schedule
  • List of active programs
  • Daily grading sheets
  • Evolution chart
  • List of master programs
  • Evaluation of therapists
  1. Presentation of the file model with ABA programs of a child with TSA.
  2. Useful materials in the efficient organization of the data in the file.
  3. Sorting and storing data over time.
  4. Conclusions.