Andrei Stan is 19 years old, and a 12th grade student at a college in Bucharest, a former beneficiary and currently a basic volunteer at the Puzzle Romania Association. He and his twin brother, Ovidiu, were diagnosed with autism at the age of 1 year and 10 months. Today, Andrei is able to share with us some of his memories and feelings related to the ABA intervention.

Andrei supports and promotes the integration of children with ASD in mainstream schools, and is often a speaker in various awareness projects on people with ASD.

Abstract of the conference presentation

ABA from the perspective of a teenager with ASD

“My childhood is strongly marked by memories of play, rewards, rules, happiness, the box of surprises, therapists, more precisely: ABA all day long.”

Andrei had the courage to draw the public’s attention to the day of April 2 by going to TNB (Bucharest National Theater), and talking to hundreds of people in public, a few minutes before the beginning of each show. He feels ready to answer the questions about what his world and his life was and is like, along with therapy.