Robert Schramm was the first Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in Germany. With over 30 years of experience working with children with autism, he is the founder of Autism Knospe-ABA, established in 2004, the largest ABA/VB institute in Europe, working with over 2,000 children. He is also known for his books “Motivation and Reinforcement: Turning the Tables on Autism”, “The 7 Steps to Instructional Control,” and “The 7 Steps to Successful Parenting.”

Throughout his professional career, which includes diverse and complex roles such as special education teacher, adapted physical education specialist, inclusion specialist, and behavioral analyst, Robert Schramm has been assisting families, teachers, schools, and other therapists for over 20 years. His presentations and approach are aimed at the audience on a human level, providing guidance in all areas of interest. A globally recognized expert, Robert is now bringing his expertise to an even wider audience through Robert Schramm Consulting.

Abstract of the International ABA Conference presentation.

Using the 7 Steps to Instructional Motivation as an Intervention for Typical Children Demonstrating Problem Behavior

This presentation will be in English.

Summary: The 7 Steps to Instructional Motivation have been a staple approach to the process of building a positive teaching relationship for children on the Autism Spectrum. However, it is by no means an autism specific tool or intervention.  The 7 Steps are designed to cover all the areas of import related to development of mutually beneficial relationships.  This is the goal with teaching children with ASD but it is also the goal of teaching any child.  Many children who are not diagnosed with Autism or any other related disorder can also develop quite challenging problem behavior.  The ability of parents and teachers to develop positive fun, teaching relationships with these children that are both motivating and reinforcing to Child and Parent.  In my practice, the 7 Steps have proven just as invaluable a tool for this population.