Neil Martin has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2002 and has published research in journals such as the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, The Behavior Analyst, Research in Developmental Disabilities and the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, and started postgraduate training programs and taught behavior analysis courses around the world. Since 2015 Neil has worked for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) in the role of Director of International Development and since the BACB’s announced change in international focus, Neil has been providing support and assistance to numerous countries in terms of developing their own professional infrastructure, standards and even the development of country-specific credentialing systems.

Presentation at the ABA International Conference 2022.

Behavior Analysis: Science, Application, an Evolving Profession


In many countries around the world there has been a growing awareness and interest in the profession of applied behavior analysis in the last decade, particularly in terms of its application to children with autism and developmental disabilities, with a concomitant increase in the number of individuals and organizations offering behavior analytic services. To date, other than BACB certification in the United States, there are no country-specific standards, no country-specific behavior analytic credentials, and no country-specific recognition of Applied Behavior Analysis as being a distinct profession with its own strategies, tactics and philosophical underpinning. This presentation makes the case for the importance of professionalization on a country-by-country basis.