Laura Radu is a speech therapist at the Help Autism Association. She is also an autonomous psychologist with the right of free practice in special psychopedagogy and in professional training in hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy. She teaches vocal-instrumental music classes. In her activity, she integrates both psychology, psychopedagogy, speech therapy, as well as occupational therapy through music and sound.

Abstract of the conference presentation

Speech Therapy Counseling

In recent years, both therapy and speech therapy have had to go beyond the confines of the office and adapt to the needs of children, reaching the online environment. Speech therapy counseling is a therapeutic service that has no space limit and, thus, meets the child’s and parent’s needs.

Basically, the innovation is that the parent can be counseled online, so that, when he is unable to go to the physical office, he can pursue the objectives of the personalized intervention plan through the guidance of a specialist. Benefits, stages, but also techniques of speech therapy counseling will be described in a workshop for both therapists, and especially parents.