Miriam Ghețea has graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, being specialized in Special Psychopedagogy.

She is a psychopedagogist and ABA therapist, with 7 years of experience in this field. Currently, she is working as a therapist at the Casa Soarele center, within the Help Autism Association.

Summary of the International ABA Conference 2020 presentation.

Motivation and the role that it plays in ABA therapy

Abstract: Each person has a motivation when they decide to get involved in a certain activity. But when we talk about children with TSA, it is hard for parents and therapists to identify their motivation. Motivating children with TSA can be challenging because they have limited range of interests, skills or experience.

Identifying motivation from an early age is essential and extremely important in order to help the child with TSA to have an independent life and authonomy as long as this is possible.

This presentation will be in Romanian.