Katie Cook is a Certified Behavioral Analyst and has a master degree in teaching, in educating children with autism. Katie is the academic director of ATCConline.com, the award-winning ABA training center. She has over a decade of experience in educating children with autism and also parents.

During the ABA conference, the Romanian edition of her very popular book of 90 activities for parents of children with autism aged 1-11 will be launched, which will appear in the AHA Books collection of the Help Autism association.

She has dedicated her career to helping children with autism to find success and happiness in life. She is passionate about supporting parents in their adventure of educating and connecting with their children, providing them with training and evidence-based practices for children with autism, and practical tips that are both fun and easy to implement by caregivers.

Abstract of the conference presentation

Thriving with autism

Abstract: To guide your efforts to help your child flourish, this book has 90 playful, evidence-based activities. Thriving with Autism provides an easy, effective toolbox to supplement and support the developmental work parents and caregivers are doing with their children. These solutions are designed for kids with autism from ages 1 to 11. The benefits can last a lifetime.

From building better conversation abilities to strengthening social skills, Thriving with Autism delivers practical, everyday ways to connect, encourage, and play. Featuring exercises like Acts of Friendliness, The Human Burrito, and Emotional Charades, this comprehensive guide encourages your child with autism to boost their communication, engagement, and self-regulation skills.