Andreea Stroe-Mățăuan is a psychotherapist and she has a BCBA certification. She has a 12-year professional experience in working with adults, families, and children, supporting them in living fulfilled lives, with care for themselves, as well as for the world they live in. Andreea’s activities include coordination of intervention teams, individual consultations, supervision, teaching at Clemson Romania, as well as part of other courses, conferences and workshops.

Andreea’s mission is to contribute to building a world where people are in contact with their own feelings, show empathy and live life fully. Her presentations have a practical and humane touch, with ideas and strategies that can be immediately implemented by professionals and beneficiaries alike. You can follow Andreea’s activity on her website:

Abstract of the conference presentation

Differential Reinforcement: A New Definition, and Practical Implications

Differential reinforcement is one of the most common behavior analytic interventions to decrease a problematic behavior and increase an adaptative one. In the presentation held with Iulia Lăzărean, I will discuss: the new definition of differential reinforcement proposed recently by Vollmer et al. (2020); using function-based differential reinforcement to replace the problematic behavior; and the relevance of the matching law in the practical use of the new definition. The focus will be on applying the principles of ABA in an ethical and humane manner, offering services that are in the best interest of our clients, and supporting them in the process of living self-determined and fulfilled lives, starting right now!