On 22 and 23 October 2022 we meet again to learn about the recent studies and practices in applied behavior analysis at the Bucharest ABA International Conference, 11th edition, organized by Autism Voice & Help Autism in partnership with ABA Institute Romania.
Gregory Henley, Connie Kasari, Peter Gerhard, William Heward, Jill C. Dardig, Jonathan Tarbox, Dorothea Lerman, Maria Rebollar, Mishka Sibert, and other renowned international professors and practitioners will be keynote speakers, their presentations will be focused on the main subjects of the edition:
  • ​neurodivergent, teenagers & transition towards adulthood
  • trauma and therapy in crisis situations
Individual and group tickets can be purchased at early bird prices on:  www.conferinta-aba.ro
CALL FOR PAPERS: If you are BCBA, BcaBA certified, or if you have finalized a specialization course in applied behavior analysis, we encourage you to submit a paper to us.
The conference will be hosted online and represents the most important event in South-East Europe dedicated to applied behavior analysis,  accredited in Romania by the College of Psychologists and by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, at the international level.